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december, 2020

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Chinese drama makeup for women

If you ever watched Chinese costume drama, it is difficult not to notice the way the women do makeup. They often put a small piece of red paper between their lips, an ancient version of lipstick. The ancient-style lipstick paper is naturally made from flowers. Credit : China Culture

One World One Moon

🌝🌝One World One Moon —A Digital Concert🌙🌙 With the help of virtual keying technology, the digital concert “One World One Moon” will show a work that combines both Chinese folk music and Western opera. It aims to bridge people all around the world through music to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival. #MidAutumnFestival #线上文化周 #Visitingchinaonline

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Video | Explore infinite creativity in infusion of design

Video | Explore infinite creativity in infusion of design.THE year 2020 marks the 40th anniversary of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. Shenzhen, a city of rapid development, has created one miracle after another with nonstop innovation. The 2020 Shenzhen Design Week has been relaunched amid the scorching summer to further promote Shenzhen as a City […]

Fighting Covid-19-My Story

Online Story-telling Contest for Children around the World“Fighting Covid-19-My Story”To Win the Title of “Little Cultural Ambassadors”.The China Soong Chingling Foundation (http://www.sclf.org/en/ ) will be hosting an online “story-telling contest” for children from around the world, called “Fighting Covid-19 – My Story,” and are inviting entry videos from kids aged 8-14.In the words of the Foundation: […]

Share your Chinese New Year photo and win 5000 RMB

A first prize winner of Just Share It – Happy Chinese New Year Photo Contest 2016, Let’s Take a Photo, by Chen Yongwei. [Photo/Chinaculture.org] As part of global Happy Chinese New Year celebrations, photographers are encouraged to show how other countries mark the event in the Just Share It – Happy Chinese New Year Photo Contest 2017. […]

China Cultural Center
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